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Yogi Roth: From PA to LA

From PA to LA
New Book Available Now

From PA to LA isn’t like anything you’ve read before.

Expect this book to cut deeper than your traditional tell-all. Built around a detailed, inside look at the Pitt and USC football programs, it is at heart a story about a small town kid from Pennsylvania who uses sports, travel and adventure as a way to develop his own winning philosophy of life. The underlying themes reveal a different, yet exhilarating path to getting the most out of each day in both our personal and professional lives.

Anyone open to inspiration from someone who has worked tirelessly to get everything he has, while helping others and competing each step of the way, needs to read this book.

About Yogi Roth

Athlete, coach, sports analyst, on-air host, best-selling author, businessman, producer and actor, Yogi Roth is that rare performer whose talents extend on both sides of the camera, and whose performing ability comes directly from hands-on competitive experience.

After high school, he chose to “walk-on” at the University of Pittsburgh because he was confident he could play Division I football. In his second game he was put on the field as a true freshman, and soon was on full scholarship. Post-college came a stint in Australia playing American Football for the Gold Coast Sting Rays.

Back in the States, he began his broadcasting career with Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh, where he simultaneously worked as a sideline reporter and studio analyst while hosting a local radio show.

After a move to Southern California, he concurrently pursued his Master’s Degree at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, while working for USC head football coach Pete Carroll, first in the Trojans player personnel department, and then as an assistant coach to their talented quarterbacks. From 2006-2008 he worked with both John David Booty and Mark Sanchez as the team won two more Pacific-10 titles, and Yogi graduated magna cum laude.

In 2009 he became host and analyst for the Elite 11 Quarterback show on ESPN, college football analyst for ESPN’s College Football Live, and color analyst for Fox College Sports and their Big 12 and Pac-10 package. Yogi also hosts other programs such as The Pulse of College Football and Xtreme College Rivals-Racing Edition. He has also written a television program, The Cape, and has several others in various stages of development.

In addition, Yogi has co-authored his first book with Coach Pete Carroll titled Win Forever. It has been ranked as high as #7 on the New York Times best-seller list. And, as author of From PA to LA, which releases this fall, he will have dueling hardcovers on sale late in 2010.

He is a co-founder of Win Forever, LLC, a competitors’ brand inspired by Carroll that focuses on athletic camps, coaching workshops, corporate coaching, entertainment and philanthropy.

Yogi is an avid surfer and a seasoned world traveler (South America, Australia and the South Seas, the Middle East, India and Nepal). He is 28 years old.

17 Responses to “From PA to LA – Book Available Today!”
  1. Dior says:

    There are just no words to describe Yogi Roth.

    In my personal opinion, this blink of Yogi’s accomplishments barely begins to explain the exceptional person he is. Within the pages of his book, the reader learns what it takes to be the popular jock who seemingly travels through life with a ray of sunshine beaming down on him. Yogi grips it and rips it…life that is…and never backs down from a challenge, but charges on and tackles opportunity with an open heart and open mind. From PA to LA demonstrates what it takes to Win Forever.

    I’m so grateful to call this man my friend and to have known him from PA to LA, and beyond.

  2. Lisa Horne says:

    Forget the Dos Equis man…Yogi Roth is the most interesting man in the world. From football player to football coach, from world traveler to sitting in on board meetings, Yogi Roth’s “From Pa to LA” will inspire young and old alike to embrace their past and tackle their future with wide-eyed enthusiasm. This is a must-read!

    Roth “Wins Forever” with his humor and touching real-life teaching moments. Uplifting and inspiring.

    – Lisa Horne, journalist for Fox Sports

  3. Bruce Feldman says:

    I’ve met a lot of interesting folks in 15 years of covering college sports. Yogi Roth is right near the top of that list. He is without a doubt the most optimistic, relentlessly positive person I’ve ever met. He’s got the spirit to try anything and, in an uncanny, um, Yogi Roth-way, he usually makes it happen. He also has been blessed with the capacity to fit so effortlessly into any situation or group. Reading his story provided a great window into how he got to have such a unique view of the world.

    – Bruce Feldman, ESPN Senior College Football writer and author of Meat Market and Cane Mutiny

  4. Chris Gizzi says:

    Yogi Roth embodies the true spirit of college football!
    Everyone wants to win, have their hand raised, receive a trophy, and get that ole pat on the back – but guys like Yogi strive for more. He lives his message in everything he does and it’s contagious. I’ve enjoyed working along side Yogi during some of the Nike and Win Forever Camps. Yogi’s only got one speed – full speed! He’s taking the same energy he had as a player and is bringing to his life as a coach, entrepreneur, actor, author, and person.
    This is the spirit that football and all sports are meant to cultivate. Yogi embodies it to the fullest extent.
    Way to be better than first Yogi!

    – Chris Gizzi, Owner of ZoneReady Sports Performance Training and Consultants

  5. Ona Washmen says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  6. J. Stephens says:

    keep winning! incredible stories he will tell

  7. Bob Padgett says:

    Damn, Yogi, I would love to be there (I love Pages) but we have a USC Trustee party tonight at the President’s house in San Marino. I would have been the guy whooping and hollering at the back of the room.

    Buena suerte

    Bob Padgett

  8. steve mooshagian says:

    When you describe the word Energy, You might as well cal it “Yogi”, I have know Yogi for years from my days as an Assistant Coach at Pitt and then watching his growth thru the years one thing became apparent, He Lives his life with vigor, passion and is an inspiration to all young and old!
    Congratulations and Keep it going!
    Coach Moose
    Head Football Coach
    Ventura College (Ca)

  9. Mary Peralta says:

    You have inspired me to challenge myself and inspire my kids to aim higher, never settle, & remember a new favorite quote, “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a permanent one.”

    -Mary Peralta

  10. bob schwartz says:

    Good Friend Yogi,

    I hope you are well. I continue to follow you even though we haven’t spoken in about 3 years. I am excited about the new PITT Staff. Let me hear from you.


  11. bob schwartz says:

    Excuse the incorrect typing…my wife was talking to me!


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