• Which 2015 Pac-12 prospect will shine early?

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Which Class of 2015 signees will make an early impact for their respective squads? Pac-12 Networks football analysts Rick Neuheisel and Yogi Roth join Mike Yam to list their picks.

  • USC signs #1 class in nation – Yam, Neuheisel, Roth discuss

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Steve Sarkisian and his Trojans completed National Signing Day with the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class for the first time since 2006. The “Pac-12 Football Weekly: Digital Edition” crew highlights the key names in that class and how they picked them up.

  • Jim Mora: National Signing Day interview

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Mike Yam and Yogi Roth of Pac-12 Networks interview UCLA football coach Jim Mora about the Bruins’ 4th-ranked recruiting class for 2015, how ‘The Drive’ helped his program gain exposure and what it was like to recruit Snoop Dogg’s son.

  • Neuheisel & Roth recruit Yam – National Signing Day 2015

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    During “Pac-12 Football Weekly: Digital Edition,” Mike Yam, Rick Neuheisel and Yogi Roth show fans how coaches try to keep verbally committed recruits when other schools try to steal them at the last minute.

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Roth channels McConaughey – National Signing Day

The journey to National Signing Day began long ago for many student-athletes. Pac-12 Networks Yogi Roth takes you inside the mind of a prospective student-athlete.

Life Without Limits: the Camino de Santiago

Yogi Roth has spent the last decade exploring the world. On his most recent adventure along the iconic ‘Way of Saint James’ he invites you to join him.

Life Without Limits: We all have a story

Yogi Roth, the Adventure-prenuer & New York Times Best-Selling Author encourages all to share their story–We all have a story–what’s yours?



Roth channels McConaughey – National Signing Day

The journey to National Signing Day began long ago for many student-athletes. Pac-12 Networks Yogi Roth takes you inside the mind of a prospective student-athlete.


‘Let’s Reflect’ – Roth featured in Huffington Post

Storyteller Yogi Roth was recently published in the Huffington Post, see this article and more by the New York Times best-selling author here. Reflection on the Year in Sports Holidays always invite us to reflect. When we go back to our hometowns, we reflect on the streets we grew up on, the sleigh riding and snow shoveling of our youth, and of course, the relationships of our past. As 2014 comes to a close, the holiday season also allows us to reflect on the year…


#ByeFelicia – Crew breaks down top 5 Offensive plays of bowl season

Pac-12 Networks Mike Yam, Rick Neuheisel and Yogi Roth discuss the top 5 offensive plays of the 2014-15 bowl season. And there is even a #ByeFelicia mention…thus worth the watch :).


Dear you…

Dear you… Because of you a film will get made. Without you a story that has impacted me and will influence my family would never be told. With you we created a conversation and have a chance to create a movement… Around spending time with the ones we love. Next to you my team and i will compete to tell a story you are proud to be a part of. Behind you we will watch as you stop, get grounded and ask the people you…


LIFE IN A WALK featured on front page of Men’s Health

LIFE IN A WALK, a feature length documentary that recently completed a successful Indiegogo campaign was recently featured in Men’s Health. The cover story, ‘Why You Should Talk To Your Dad Like It’s His Last Day On Earth,’ written by acclaimed author Ben Tanzer captured the story of Will and Yogi Roth in a way that will inspire you to stop and spend time with the ones you love. Enjoy the article and share it with those close to you.

camino2 33 fb

Life In A Walk – the greatest gift I could ask for

‘With age comes wisdom’ was a phrase I had always felt was a fundamental truth, but for me as I got older I did not get wiser, did not get smarter and surely did not get more vulnerable. As I got older, I transformed from that 10 year old who would race home, do his homework and wait in the backyard with a football in hand until 5:30 pm to a 30 year old who would rarely come home, work until the clock struck midnight…


‘Dear Prostate Cancer…thanks’ – Roth’s Op-Ed featured in Huffington Post

Yogi Roth was recently featured in the Huffington Post in an op-ed piece called ‘Dear Prostate Cancer.’ Dear Prostate Cancer

USA Today

Roth featured in USA Today

As the Indiegogo campaign for LIFE IN A WALK continues Yogi Roth and his father were featured in USA Today. Pac-12 Networks’ Yogi Roth wants to turn a walk with his dad into a worldwide movement


LIFE IN A WALK documentary campaign launches – join in

Hi I’m Yogi Roth. I am a sports lover, a TV and radio host, a college football analyst and author. At heart, I’m a guy from a small town in Pennsylvania who loves to share a good story. Recently, I made a decision to take a walk with my dad, and it was the best decision of my life. But it wasn’t just any walk, it was through Portugal and Spain along the Camino De Santiago. This is a film about that walk — about…

One on One

Roth to host series ‘One-on-One’ on Pac-12 Networks

The responsibilities of a college head football coach can be multidimensional. You’re a teacher, father, enforcer and CEO wrapped in one. The job is often political, always complicated and one that never ends at 5:00 p.m. With all of that, it’s easy to ask, ‘Why would anyone pursue such a demanding, high-stress career?’ For Pac-12 head football coaches, the answer varies. While it’s the family business for many, the one common thread for all is a sheer love of the game that drives them year…


Guest Analyst Andrew Valdez joins Roth & Calabro in booth

Pac-12 Networks brought renowned guest analyst Andrew Valdez into the broadcast booth for its coverage of Nevada vs. Arizona on Saturday in Tucson. Valdez, who’s battling cystic fibrosis, offered his takes on the Wildcats alongside Yogi Roth and Kevin Calabro. For Roth, it was one of his most memorable experiences since he has joined the Pac-12 Networks. “Andrew not only inspires anyone he comes across but his skills as an analyst were awesome!.”


LIFE IN A WALK documentary process begins

For my entire life my Dad has been my hero, the man I hoped to be and the man I looked up to. But one day last summer, I realized that I had spent over 30 years admiring this man but didn’t know the details of his life. I didn’t know where he was born, what his parents were like, or how he met his wife. I never asked him for advice on how to deal with love, heartbreak or a future family. Most importantly,…

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